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It was me and the moon

"Your only duty is to save your dreams" -Amedeo Modigliani
  1. pearlmoon93 answered: YES! I’m a freshman here and it’s been amazing. The classes are useful, the students are talented and inspiring, and IT’S PHILADELPHIA!
  2. heykidiloveyou answered: hell yeah uarts rocks!
  3. tojupiter answered: I’m a freshman this year, and I really love it so far. If you have questions, my ask is open!
  4. ms-meryl answered: Definitely! It’s more work than I’m used to at times, but I love being at the school and Philly.
  5. sachikolavolpe answered: I’m a junior here and it’s really nice! All of their students are very talented. I would recommend this school!
  6. teen-heat answered: it’s a great school.
  7. uartsadmissions answered: Saw the UArts tag. If you need any info or have questions, hit up our Ask. Good luck with the college search! - Lou
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