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It was me and the moon

"Your only duty is to save your dreams" -Amedeo Modigliani

Amedeo Modigliani
Anna Akhmatova
1911, pencil, paper


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Their love started in a photo lab. She would bring in her film to him. He would develop it. She called him “Pro Photo Guy” to her friends. He lit up every time she walked in the lab. Months went by. Awkward conversation and hellos and good byes were all they exchanged for months. One day they both built up the courage to move their conversation outside the lab, and onto bikes. They rode around exploring Portland, in areas they both had never been to. Both film photographers. Both so attracted to the way each other saw the world. Both falling in love with each other. 

● vintage & indie blog ●


Nadezda Fava. Illustration
Wish, wish, wish…

If there is no love in the world, we will make a new world, and we will give it walls, and we will furnish it with soft, red interiors, from the inside out, and give it a knocker that resonates like a diamond falling to a jeweller’s felt so that we should never hear it. Love me, because love doesn’t exist, and I have tried everything that does.

Everything is Illuminated (Jonathan Safran Foer)

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